**Results May Vary**

Medical weight loss has been used for over 50 years and was originally created by Dr. ATW Simeons. His research showed that by injecting a small amount of this naturally occurring hormone you could safely tap into the body\’s fat stores that are otherwise almost impossible to get at unless you exhaust all of your other temporary fat reserves first. By combining this fat burning hormone with a Very Low Calorie Diet or VLCD you can lose weight very quickly and safely with little to no hunger.

The first thing that people usually notice is that they lose inches quickly and that their clothes are fitting looser within a few weeks. The key is following a high protein low calorie a day diet that allows your body to burn the 2000-3000 calories a day that are being released from your excess fat stores. This diet has been featured on the Dr. Oz show as well as many other TV specials showing the amazing results people have achieved. During your initial visit you will undergo a complete medical history and blood analysis to ensure your eligibility for this program. Once you are accepted you will be given everything you need to get started. Everything is included and you will come in every 15 days to go over your diet and record your progress.

We have thousands of satisfied patients who have seen tremendous results on this specialized weight loss program. If you have tried other diet programs that did not work then now is the time for a weight loss new beginning.


Consultation is the key to success.

Lab Work Request: The first step is to ensure that your body is in the proper condition to go through this program by analyzing your blood work.

First Appointment: Once your blood work is approved, you’ll be scheduled for the procedure in which we will prepare your injections and review the program protocols. The diet is reviewed in detail.

Follow up Appointment: Two weeks later you will come in for a follow up to ensure you are losing pounds every day. We’ll go through a series of questions and answer any concerns you may have. At any point in time during the program you can call or text any questions to your consultant.

Final Appointment: Congratulations! We will take your final photos. This a jump start program to long term weight loss so we provide you with a stabilization diet as well as a meal planning that you can use the rest of your life so you can stay healthy.

**Results May Vary**

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**Results are the experience of this patient. Results vary from person to person.


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