When Trying to Lose Weight, Dieting Alone Doesn’t Go Far Enough
woman's jeans are too big due to weight loss

When Trying to Lose Weight, Dieting Alone Doesn’t Go Far Enough

Weight loss and dieting are two ideas constantly on the minds of many Americans. According to a 2015 Gallup poll, nearly one-third of adults in the US have a desire to lose weight, and regardless of what weight loss regimen one prescribes to, dieting is a must. But as a recent article points out, traditional dieting techniques, such as reducing calories or eliminating certain foods from a diet, don’t go far enough in creating long-lasting results. What is really needed are healthy lifestyle changes that make it easier to diet and create a healthier you. Some of those are simple, even obvious, changes. Using smaller serving plates can lead to a person eating less instead of trying to finish a much larger plate. Also, surveys consistently indicate that individuals who eat at home more often and take in less high-sodium restaurant food see more success at dropping pounds. Other changes are less obvious ways to make a meal healthier. A low-sodium broth-based soup, for example, is a great appetizer before any meal because it helps curb hunger and will result in less calorie intake. Research also indicates that preparing and eating three different types of vegetables each meal can lead to a quicker satisfaction of hunger and an increase of health benefits. Not all changes are about what somebody eats though. One essential lifestyle tip involves how one eats, or more specifically how fast. It has been found that slowing down while eating, and spending around 20 minutes clearing a plate can help a person not overeat and more easily realize when he or she is getting full. Of course, not all healthy changes need to happen in the kitchen and dining room. Studies done by the University of Michigan indicate that sleeping an hour more each night can lead to the loss of fourteen pounds over the course of a year. When accompanied with exercise or a weight loss procedure, these changes can ensure that pounds will fly off and stay off for good.

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