Should I Try the KE Diet or the HCG Diet?
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Should I Try the KE Diet or the HCG Diet?

At Novopelle Med Spa, we offer both the HCG Diet and the Ketosis Diet, also known as the KE Diet. The HCG Diet is offered at our Austin, Houston, and Dallas locations, while the Ketosis Diet is offered only at our Austin and Houston locations. Both of these diets should only be administered by licensed professionals who can give you the assistance you need in order to complete either diet in the safest and most effective way possible. If you’ve been curious about either or both of these diets, we can give you the information you will need in order to make an informed decision on which diet may be right for you.

What Are the Differences Between the HCG Diet and the KE Diet?

If you’re at a place in your life where you’ve begun researching diets and trying to decide what approach you should take to either jumpstart your weight loss or continue with your weight loss journey, we can discuss how the HCG Diet and the Ketosis Diet could benefit you.

Time Commitment 

A good place to start if you’re trying to decide between the HCG Diet and the KE Diet is to determine how long you would like to commit to a program. The HCG Diet can last anywhere from 26 to 40 days whereas the KE Diet is only a 5- or 10-day program. The length of these programs depends on your preferences.


There is one requirement for the HCG Diet and there are two requirements for the Ketosis Diet. Both diets require that you have lab work done in order to ensure that your body is in the right condition to undergo either diet. The KE Diet will also need to ensure that you have a BMI of 25 or higher.


The HCG Diet requires that you give yourself injections on a daily basis for the duration of the program. The KE Diet requires that you have a tube inserted through your nose in order to provide you with the food solution 24 hours a day. The food solution is kept in a shoulder pack that you will wear throughout the day. Depending on what you view as convenient, one of these may better fit your preferences than the other.


Both diets are low in calories. The food solution that is provided for the KE Diet consists of high fat and protein along with vitamins and other elements for nutrition. The HCG Diet also focuses on high protein and a mix of vegetables and fruits. Both diets are designed to keep you feeling full and to trigger your body into a state that tells your brain that it is full, even after only consuming a low amount of calories.


Depending on your level of comfort, you may find that you prefer one method of diet to the other. Both diets are relatively non-invasive when you compare them to other weight loss methods, especially methods that involve surgery. The feeding tube that accompanies the KE Diet is small enough that you can continue on with your day and you will likely forget that it’s even there. The HCG injections are a minor accompaniment to your HCG Diet with a very small needle that people have reported to be pain-free.

How to Choose

Depending on your weight loss goals, you may find that the KE Diet is where you would like to start in order to jumpstart your weight loss in relatively few days. If you do not meet the BMI requirement for the KE Diet, the HCG Diet may be a good alternative. If you are planning a continual weight loss path for yourself, you may decide to begin with the KE Diet to see the results you desire and then you can discuss whether or not it would benefit you to then continue on to the HCG Diet. If you need more help in deciding how to approach your weight loss, you can always contact us here at Novopelle Med Spa. We offer the HCG Diet diet at all of our locations and the KE Diet is offered at our Austin and Houston locations. We are excited to get the chance to work with you and to hopefully help you achieve your weight loss goals!


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