The KE Diet to Jumpstart Weight Loss
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The KE Diet to Jumpstart Weight Loss

When you’re initiating the weight loss process, it can be hard to determine where you should even begin. Sometimes, you need a little extra help in starting your weight loss journey. Here at Novopelle Med Spa, we offer the KE Diet at our Austin and Houston locations and it just may be the perfect solution in order for you to jumpstart your weight loss.

What is the KE Diet?

The KE Diet, or the Ketosis Diet, is a weight loss program that eliminates the pitfall that too many diets afford the option of: cheating. Food consumption isn’t even something that you’ll have to worry about during the KE Diet. For ten days, you will have a small tube inserted through your nose that will deliver a low calorie, protein, and fat-rich solution right to your stomach that has all of the nutrients you will need. The food solution is kept in a lightweight shoulder pack that you will wear, and it is continually delivered 24 hours a day. The food solution consists of only healthy nutrients for your body such as fat, protein, and vitamins. For ten days, your body will experience a jumpstart by taking in only healthy nutrients. The KE Diet completely eliminates carbohydrates and sugars, making it easier to avoid those foods once the ten days are over and you’re ready to begin oral food consumption once again. When your body is only taking in fat and protein, it forces your body into a state of ketosis, thus burning the fat that is already stored in the body without needing a lot of help from food consumption.

What Kind of Results are Expected with the KE Diet?

People have reported losing anywhere from 1 to 3 pounds per day while undergoing the KE Diet. Individual results may vary based on a person’s body and the amount of weight they have to lose. While some people may think that the KE Diet is a quick fix diet, it is actually a tool to help you jumpstart your weight loss process and take the first step in hopefully achieving your weight loss goals.

Who is the KE Diet Ideal For?

The KE Diet may be right for anyone who needs help beginning the process of weight loss. Lab work is requested for anyone who is wanting to try the KE Diet in order to determine if your body is in the proper condition to undergo this kind of diet. Once your lab work is approved, you will have your first appointment with a professional at Novopelle Med Spa. At your first appointment you’ll have the feeding tube inserted and you’ll receive your backpack with enough food solution for the full ten days. The KE Diet can also be done in 5 days if you’d prefer a shorter timeframe. The KE Diet is also ideal for anyone who wants to avoid surgical means to losing weight. Surgery is invasive and can come with complications. The Ketosis Diet provides a way to begin the weight loss process without having to undergo any major medical changes to your body. Halfway through the KE Diet, you will have another appointment to ensure that you’re ketone levels are where they should be and to answer any questions that you may have. You can be assured that you will have professional assistance throughout the whole Ketosis Diet.

Steps to Take After the KE Diet

Once you’ve completed your five or ten day KE Diet regime, it will be time for your final appointment in order to discuss the stabilization diet and the meal planning you’ll need to be prepared for in order to have long-term success. If you think the Ketosis Diet may be right for you, contact Novopelle Med Spa at our Austin and Houston locations in order to set up an appointment.


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