What Are the Phases of the HCG Diet?
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What Are the Phases of the HCG Diet?

Every diet has certain guidelines that you have to follow in order to see results. Traditional dieting and exercise are the most common means of losing weight, but reducing your caloric intake and increasing exercise doesn’t always work for everyone when it comes to reaching weight loss goals. If you’ve been looking for something that may work to take your weight loss to the next level, Novopelle Med Spa offers the HCG Diet at our Houston, Dallas, and Austin locations. You will have professional assistance throughout the entire process of your HCG Diet journey, and we can coach you on the different guidelines that you will need to follow in order to complete the HCG Diet as intended.

What Are the Phases of the HCG Diet?

The basics of the HCG Diet is that it is based on regular injections of the HCG hormone. The HCG hormone promotes weight loss by sending a trigger to your brain telling it that you are full even though you’re consuming a reduced amount of calories. The hormone then encourages your body to use the fat that you already have stored for the energy it needs. This is a pretty high-level overview of the diet. In order to really grasp the details of the HCG Diet, we will cover the different phases that you go through during a round of the HCG Diet. One round of the HCG Diet can last anywhere from 26 to 40 days, and our professionals at Novopelle Med Spa can help you to determine how many rounds of the HCG Diet you should complete.

Phase One

During the first phase of the diet, you will actually consume a high level of calories for about 2-3 days while doing your HCG injections. This brief increase in the number of calories you consume helps your body to stop the deposit of new fat cells and lipids from the food you consume to instead loosen and mobilize the fat and lipids with the help of the HCG hormone. When you begin your reduced calorie intake in phase two, your fat cells and lipids should be mobilized and ready to help with weight loss.

Phase Two

During phase two of the HCG Diet is when calorie intake is typically reduced to about 500 calories per day. Depending on your weight, calories may be reduced to anywhere from 500 to 700 calories per day. The calorie intake that is set for you should be strictly followed as phase two is where most people will see the most success in their weight loss. The average person sees weight loss ranging from 0.5 to 1 pound per day during this phase of the diet. Phase two can also be the most challenging for dieters as your body is getting used to the HCG injections and the reduction in calorie intake. Here at Novopelle Med Spa, we will be here for you during your journey on the HCG diet should you find you have any questions or need a little extra encouragement.

Phase Three

Phase three of the HCG Diet is when the HCG injections have been completed and your calorie intake is increased to about 1,200 to 1,500 calories per day. This new phase of the diet is often referred to as the “stability phase.” HCG injections must be stopped for at least 23 days before beginning a new round of the diet. Having a period of time where your body goes without the HCG hormone is important to see if you will continue to lose weight. This is also important so your body does not simply adapt to the HCG hormone, making it harder for you to lose weight without the help of the hormone. The HCG hormone is intended to jumpstart your weight loss journey and to help you reach your weight loss goals at the desired pace for yourself. With any good diet, you want to ensure that you will be set up for success over a long period of time, and not just temporarily. No one wants to return to their previous weight shortly after ending their diet. Phase three is very important in setting you up to hopefully maintain your weight loss and have long-term success.  Contact Novopelle Med Spa to learn more about beginning your journey on the HCG Diet at our Houston, Austin, and Dallas locations.


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