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3 Common Weight Loss Pitfalls

For millions of Americans, weight loss is a struggle, especially for the overwhelming numbers who fall short of their weight loss goals. The difficulty in losing weight can be attributed to a laundry list of issues. But according to an Oct. 3 article in the Houston Chronicle, there are several common mistakes that hold untold amounts of people back from shedding pounds and slimming down, three of which are discussed here.

1. Take It Slow

The first mistake is going into an exercise routine too fast. Many individuals begin their weight loss journey by exercising excessively because they are excited about losing weight. Unfortunately, this practice actually undermines the point of exercising.

“When we drastically reduce calorie consumption and combine that with higher levels of exercise, the body adapts by lowering our metabolic rates,” said exercise physiologist Jenny Hadfield. Instead, Hadfield encourages small incremental increases in the length and intensity of one’s workout. This will ensure the exercise is effective and sustainable for the body.

2. Tailor Your Diet

Workouts are not the only weight loss area where Americans need to slow down. As the article points out, too many pick a high maintenance diet, such as Paleo or gluten-free, without considering how they will stick with it or how much it will cost. Again, this is a recipe for disaster. An individual is more likely to stick with a diet he or she tailors to meet his or her lifestyle.

3. Train Your Brain

A final mistake is a person putting too much stock in a single workout. A 2014 study showed individuals ate 35 percent more dessert after walking for exercise than individuals who took the same walk but considered it “a scenic walk.”  The Lesson? Don’t overcompensate after working out. It is easy to gain back the calories lost in a workout in a single meal. To avoid this, the article suggests an individual should have a snack ready when he or she gets back exercising. Indulging in a granola bar, fruit, or a cup of yogurt after a workout will ensure pounds are not being added back after a hard workout.

You Got This

These mistakes are too easy to make, but thankfully, they are not difficult to correct. If these pitfalls can be avoided, an attempt at weight loss will go further than ever before.