Weight Loss Strategies for Each Age Group
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Weight Loss Strategies for Each Age Group

Lose Weight at Any Age

Whether you’re in your 20’s, 30’s or 40’s, there are always obstacles that can get in the way of reaching your weight loss goals. During your 20’s, it’s typically late-night meals at greasy burger joints, or pregnancy weight gain issues in your 30’s and a much slower metabolism in your 40’s.

In a recent Women’s Health article, nutrition expert Karen Ansel, R.D., shared her solid strategies for tackling weight issues at any age.


To be young with not a care in the world (assuming you have no children nor a spouse to take care of) means a lot more opportunities to eat out whenever and wherever. A trip to the 24-hour donut shop at 2 a.m. can pile on way more calories than you may be allotted in 24 hours. Whereas making something at home or opting for something much healthier is the way to go. Ansel suggests you consider healthier restaurants to try, order before your friends so they may follow your lead, or portion out your meal and have the rest doggy bagged for the next day. Who doesn’t like leftovers? Just make sure not to eat your leftovers in the wee hours of the night.

Ansel attributes late night eating to not eating enough during the day and suggests logging the times you eat so you’re aware of when you are eating.

“If you’re perpetually skipping certain meals, set an alarm on your cell phone to eat something healthy and satisfying, even if it’s just a Greek yogurt,” says Ansel.


Exhaustion. That is the best way to describe what moms feel, especially new moms. Untamed hair and not remembering the last time you showered comes with the territory of having a newborn. But Ansel says that working out is doable and finding a gym with childcare or participating in online workouts that you can do during naps can be the solution to squeezing in fitness into your life. Even taking long walks with your baby in his or her stroller can get you back in shape quickly, says Ansel.

Just as important as it is to schedule a workout routine, it’s crucial to make grocery trips, which we know is a lot more stressful with children in tow, count. So, fill your pantry with healthy packaged foods that make quick meals such as oatmeal with nuts or chia seeds. This sort of breakfast can keep you full for hours. Ansel also recommends that you stock up on low-sugar tomato sauce, whole wheat pasta, and canned white beans, and toss them together for a 15-minute meal. For even less time, you can combine canned tuna with salad greens and some grape tomatoes.


As your body gets older, muscles start to break down and your metabolism slows, which causes pounds to creep on. Fortunately, eating protein throughout the day and weight training can combat that process, says Ansel. The trick is eating protein throughout the day to give your body a steady stream that it can use. But it’s tough to plan those snacks and get a healthy meal on the table before bedtime.

“The key is to set aside 15 minutes every weekend to plan a quick healthy dinner for each weeknight,” says Ansel. And they don’t have to be elaborate. A turkey sandwich or peanut butter and jelly is better than ordering Chinese food or baking a frozen pizza, she says.


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