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Why You’ll Want to Try Laser Hair Removal

If you aren’t one of the many people who has tried laser hair removal, you have been missing out on all of the benefits of laser hair removal. At Novopelle Med Spa, we offer laser hair removal in Austin, as well as at our other Texas locations. If you’re not sure what you’ve been missing by not having the unwanted hair on your body removed by laser hair removal, we’re going to cover all of the benefits you will experience once you’ve tried it.

What’s to Love About Laser Hair Removal?

Quick Treatment Time

Having a treatment like laser hair removal done may sound like it could be time-consuming or like it might be too complicated of a process for you to try. The truth is, laser hair removal treatments usually take around 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the area of the body we’re focusing on. Laser hair removal for underarms and the bikini area take about 20 minutes.

Save Time Every Day

Somebody hair requires daily removal. This can add quite a few extra minutes to your daily beauty routine. The time you spend on hair removal can really add up, and you can end up saving hours during the course of your week if you’re not spending time removing all of your unwanted hair.

Long-Term Monetary Savings

Body hair maintenance is not only time-consuming, but it is also costly. From having to buy razors, shaving cream, and depilatory creams to having to schedule waxing appointments, body hair removal costs a lot of money over time. When you choose to use laser hair removal to treat your unwanted hair, you may have to undergo a few treatments for the area to reach the desired hair loss, but a few treatments over the course of your life is better than paying to have your hair waxed or buying new razors and creams on a monthly basis.

Eliminate Irritation

Shaving, waxing, and tweezing can all cause your skin to be irritated. You may experience rashes, bumps, and redness from your current hair removal routines. Not to mention, shaving can cause painful ingrown hairs. With laser hair removal, you may experience irritation after your treatment, but the good news is, you only have to undergo a few treatments. In contrast, with other hair removal routines, you could be experiencing the negative side effects of skin irritation on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis.

Never Sacrifice Smooth Skin

With shaving and waxing, your hair will always grow back. With laser hair removal, your hair follicles become disabled, and many people experience permanent hair removal. It is possible for hair follicles to regenerate over time, but laser hair removal can last for years in those cases. And, when you’re undergoing your laser hair removal treatments, you can shave in between your treatments, unlike with waxing where you have to sacrifice smooth skin when your hair starts to grow out again. To benefit from the many positive outcomes of laser hair removal, call Novopelle Med Spa today. We can schedule your laser hair removal in Austin or at one of our other Texas locations now!