Common Questions About Laser Hair Removal
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Common Questions About Laser Hair Removal

We know you’ve heard of it, laser hair removal, but is it really as good as it sounds? Never having to shave a certain area of your body again? Laser hair removal could be the solution you’ve been looking for when it comes to your daily shaving woes. If you’ve been thinking about having laser hair removal done, but you’re not sure if the treatment is right for you, we’d like to take the time to answer some of the most common questions we get when it comes to laser hair removal. To learn more about laser hair removal in Austin at Novopelle Med Spa, keep reading!

Answers To Your Laser Hair Removal Questions

Question #1. Is laser hair removal permanent?

Laser hair removal works to disable your hair follicles so that they are destroyed and eventually fall out. Because not all of your hair follicles are active at once, it can take multiple treatments in order to reach all of your hair follicles and disable them. Laser hair treatment can be permanent, however, it varies for each person. Depending on your personal changes in hormones, weight, and other factors, your hair follicles may grow back eventually.

Question #2. Are there risks involved with laser hair removal?

All treatments that aim to alter the natural state of your body have potential risks. The key to avoiding risks is to work with professionals you can trust to take the best care of you when performing any kind of body treatment. One of the biggest risks you will encounter with laser hair removal is the potential for eye damage. You, as well as the person who is performing your laser hair removal, should be wearing eye goggles that are protective against the laser that is being used. Burns, blisters, scars, and skin discoloration may also occur if your technician does not use the right laser that works best with your skin type. Some redness and swelling is normal and may occur after your laser hair removal treatment.

Question #3. Does laser hair removal hurt?

Most people report that laser hair removal does not hurt, but that it can sting. Your skin may experience redness and some swelling, but pain shouldn’t be associated with the area treated once you leave the office.

Question #4. How many laser hair removal sessions will I need?

The average number of sessions most people need to see results is four to six. Some areas, such as the legs, see results faster than other areas, like men’s backs, which normally require more sessions. Each person’s requirements will be different based on age, gender, hair color, and time between appointments.

Question #5. How long should I wait between laser hair removal sessions?

Depending on the area you are having treated, you should wait between four to eight weeks between sessions. Areas of the face, such as the chin or upper lip, can usually be done every four weeks, whereas areas of your body need about six to eight weeks between treatments. To have more of your laser hair removal questions answered, stay tuned for our next blog where we will answer more questions. If you’d like to schedule your appointment for laser hair removal in Austin, contact us here at Novopelle Med Spa today.


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