Weight Loss Spa Treatments Spotlight
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Weight Loss Spa Treatments Spotlight

Weight loss is something that is often talked about in the mainstream media, and sometimes it can feel like a lot of pressure to measure up to the expectations that are set for us. The decision to lose weight should be a personal choice, and you should be able to pick the weight loss solution that will work best for you. You may feel overwhelmed trying to decide between all of the different diets and weight loss treatments available, and you may not know where to start. If you’ve been looking for weight loss treatments available in the Austin area, we have some options for you here at Novopelle Med Spa.

Novopelle Med Spa Weight Loss Treatments

HCG Diet

If you’re looking for a diet to follow, the HCG Diet is a good place to start. You can complete the HCG Diet over the course of 26 to 40 days, which counts as one round, and you can do as many rounds as you’d like, as long as you wait about six weeks before starting your next round. The HCG Diet uses a combination of the HCG hormone alongside a specific diet that only allows certain foods. The HCG hormone should work to encourage your body to use existing fat that is stored in your body as the majority of the fuel your body needs. People who try the HCG Diet often see quick and lasting results. However, individual results may vary.

KE Diet

If you’d like to try a more short-term diet that can be used to jumpstart your weight loss journey, the KE Diet may be for you. We offer the KE Diet at our Austin and Houston Novopelle locations, and it is a minimally invasive weight loss solution. The KE Diet is available as a five or 10-day program, and during the program, the only food you will consume is provided through a feeding tube that is inserted through your nose. All of the nutrients you need will be delivered to you through the inserted tube, and you are afforded the opportunity to kickstart your weight loss without the difficulty of grocery shopping and meal planning. Once your five or 10-day program has ended, we will work with you on how you can continue with your weight loss journey through a healthy diet. Individual results may vary with the KE Diet.

B12 Lipotropic Injections

If you’ve already found a diet that works for you, but you’d like to try a weight loss treatment that you can use to boost your efforts, the B12 Lipotropic Injections may be what you need. These injections are made up of a combination of amino acids that include Methionine, Inositol, and Choline. These amino acids work to boost your metabolism, reduce fatigue, provide increased energy, and more! When receiving the lipotropic injections, individual results may vary.

Body Wraps

Losing weight not only improves our health, but it also improves the way our bodies look. However, even after losing a desired amount of weight, you may still have problem areas, and you may even have to deal with a pesky problem known as cellulite. Because cellulite is dictated by the way fat is stored in our bodies, and not necessarily our weight, cellulite can be difficult to target through diet and exercise alone. If you haven’t seen much success in reducing the amount of cellulite you have since starting your weight loss journey, body wraps may be a viable solution for you. Body wraps promote the restoration of collagen into your skin, they can help to reduce fat, and they work to improve circulation. If you’ve tried everything to target cellulite with no luck, you may want to try body wraps. Individual results may vary.

Novo Lipo

Another option for targeting cellulite is our Novo Lipo treatment here at Novopelle Med Spa. The Novo Lipo treatment takes targeting cellulite to the next level by using ultrasound, radiofrequency, electrotherapy, and microcurrent technology to blast fat cells and cellulite for dramatic results. Individual results may vary when you receive Novo Lipo treatments, but most people report experiencing benefits such as cellulite reduction, improved circulation, a boost in metabolism, fat tissue reduction, and more! If you’d like to learn more about the weight loss treatments offered at our Austin, Houston, and Dallas locations, call us today! We look forward to helping you find a weight loss treatment that will work best for you.


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