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Why Winter Is Best For Laser Hair Removal

Let’s start with the basics. What is Laser Hair Removal? Laser hair removal works by heating the hair follicle to the point of disabling it. When the follicle stops functioning, the hair falls out and prevents future hair growth.laser hair removal before and after treatment

The Process

Winter is an excellent time for you to begin the laser hair removal process. Because only a certain amount of hair follicles are active at any given moment, multiple sessions of laser hair removal are required. While it is possible to eliminate excess hair with shaving or waxing, these methods will only eliminate the hair strands without changing the growth cycle of the hair follicles. In addition, old-fashioned hair removal methods can irritate your skin, leading to chronic itchy red rashes or ugly bumps on your skin.

By beginning now, by the time that summer arrives, you can have completed multiple laser hair removal treatments, making it easier to wear shorts or a swimsuit without needing to wax or shave.

Skin Tone and Sun Exposure

Laser hair removal works best on individuals who have a combination of dark hair and lighter skin tones. Most clients require an average of seven treatments, and in the winter, you are less likely to seek a tan and exposure to the sun, making it easier for the laser to work properly on your skin and hair. You must also avoid excessive sun exposure in between treatments while your skin recovers. The laser procedure makes your skin more sensitive to sunlight, causing sunburn that is painful and dangerous.

Winter Layers

After a laser hair removal session, you must allow the excess hair to shed naturally from your body. In the summer, this might feel awkward because your legs, arms or other areas of your body are often exposed when you are wearing summer attire. With winter clothing covering most of your skin, it will hide the potential embarrassment of shedding hair from the laser treatments.

Why Us

Novopelle Med Spa’s advanced laser hair removal technology is safe, comfortable and designed to work for all skin types, removing hair from virtually any part of your body and keeping it off. No more shaving or waxing! Call today and start this winter so your skin is Summer-ready!