What is Body Contouring?
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What is Body Contouring?

You’ve probably tried everything in your mission to achieve your dream body. Dieting, working out, supplements and any other regimen just don’t seem to be working, are they? This is especially true for your problem areas, whether they involve your face, waist or behind. It just seems impossible to tone that single area even if you’re getting total body results. After trying numerous ways for fat loss, all that you’re left with is frustration. Worry no more because body contouring might be the option you’ve been looking for!

Novo Lipo

Novopelle Med Spa offers a non-invasive body contouring service called Novo Lipo to finally help you get your dream body without actually having to lose weight. Best of all, Novo Lipo lets you selectively target fat, meaning you can isolate the procedure to that one stubborn area of your physique. This a great option if you’re concerned about sculpting the facial area, which is difficult to target even with total body exercise. Say goodbye to that double chin or those pesky love handles! This procedure is so simple that it doesn’t require surgery or anesthesia and has zero downtime. Best of all, the results are immediate. This means you can actually plan for that beach trip or vacation that very weekend to impress friends and family!

Since this technique is the most effective on specific areas of the body, it is important to be aware of which areas you can treat with this procedure. If you’ve been struggling with gaining sculpted abs, the abdominal area can definitely be targeted. Love handles are hard to target with exercise and diet alone, so these are a good and treatable option as well! This procedure can also help you achieve that perfect perky butt you’ve been trying so hard for. Do you ever get tired of those rolls of fat that bunch up under your bra? That area can be contoured as well! For men wanting sculpted pecks, the chest area can also be contoured using this process. Overall, all the major and desirable aspects of your body can be toned using this procedure. It may take more than one treatment to achieve your ideal results, but you will definitely get there!

How it Works

The Novo Lipo method of body contouring is actually a mixture of three total techniques. The first component of the procedure is ultrasonic cavitation. Ultrasonic cavitation incorporates acoustic waves and radio frequency heating to burst fat cells and allow for the release of their contents. This process makes it easier for the body to remove fat cells through natural metabolic processes.

In order to make up for the loss of volume from the ultrasonic cavitation, the procedure continues with micro-current and infrared light to tauten the skin with heat. Other than making your skin look tighter, this part of the process will also reduce the appearance of cellulite. The last part of the procedure utilizes power plate vibration. This technique helps with your body’s metabolic process of excreting the fat cells through lymphatic drainage.

The four-step procedure can be outlined by the amount of energy and type of technology used in each. The first step involves the use of 40,000 Khz waves of ultrasound to initially cause the membranes of fat cells to burst. The second step focuses on melting the remnants of the fat cells using 1 Mhz of radio frequency heating to more efficiently move the debris through your lymphatic system. The third step offers three different levels of electrotherapy and micro-pulses in combination with near-infrared to tighten your skin and reduce the appearance of stubborn cellulite. The fourth and final step continues to help in the process of lymphatic drainage with power plate high-frequency vibrations. Although the process may sound long, it is very effective. An immediate difference of one inch is noticed per treatment.

Although there are many other ways to achieve fat loss through procedures, such as Cool Sculpting and laser lipo, Novo Lipo gives you immediate results. Typically, one whole inch is trimmed from your problem area per treatment. It is essential to be aware of the facts that results vary on an individual basis but that measurement is an average of overall experiences. In addition to the loss of circumference, this procedure also offers many other benefits. Other than the apparent reduction of fat tissue in your body, this procedure helps sculpt the target area and gives it an attractive and firm shape rather than leaving the area as is. This is why the procedure is referred to as body contouring, unlike other procedures that may leave the skin to become taut on its own. This procedure’s ability to restore the skin’s natural elasticity is impressive and something you’ll be thankful for immediately after the procedure. You’ll want to flaunt your body from the moment you step out of the clinic. Novo Lipo also achieves the miracle of reducing the appearance of cellulite, which is a personal insecurity that many people deal with on a daily basis.

This body sculpting procedure also stimulates your body’s circulation of waste products through the lymphatic system. This, naturally, keeps your bloodstream healthy and fresh. Along with this, the process stimulates your natural metabolism as well which aids in the breaking down of fats. By doing so, any muscle atrophy happening in your body will be improved as well. All of these contribute to the overall slimming effect of the procedure.

Although there are many options to achieve your perfect figure, this one is something to consider. Not only is it a simple procedure that utilizes the body’s natural processes and will allow you to leave the office after its done, but it doesn’t have any dietary or lifestyle restrictions, and you will see same day results. Those are some benefits that you can’t say for all of the other procedures. Novo Lipo also allows you to customize your fat loss by choosing and isolating your problem areas so that you look your absolute best.


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