What is Intimate Bleaching? How Does it Work?
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What is Intimate Bleaching? How Does it Work?

The change from cold to warm weather can be extremely powerful on the body and mind. It lifts moods and spirits and reminds people that another season of fun in the sun is fast approaching. Most people can’t wait until they can exchange their bulky coats, boots, and gloves for sunglasses, flip-flops, and their favorite swimsuit.

Of course, getting ready to don a swimsuit requires a little preparation. Losing some winter weight, outfitting a beach bag, and a Novopelle Med Spa body-priming session is probably at the top of the list. This year could be the year you look your best. One skin rejuvenation treatment to consider to make this happen is intimate bleaching.armpit bleaching before and after

While this skin treatment has been a secret for actors and actresses for decades, it is now an easy beautification option for everybody. Many people are unaware that with facials, micro-needling, and other common treatments, intimate skin bleaching contributes to a truly warm weather-ready body. 

You are probably asking, “Why should I consider intimate skin area bleaching when I plan on keeping my swimsuit on?” This is a very important question. The answer centers around skin health, a totally even appearance, and utilizing beautification techniques to boost personal confidence.

Both men and women can benefit from intimate bleaching. It’s no secret that people choose summer attire based on what they want people to look at. It’s true! Men lose their shirts and jeans to feature the physiques they sculpted at the gym all winter long. Women do the same, but the word “skimpy” tends to enter the picture. 

When women have found the perfect swimsuit to show their best features, the last thing they need is for everyone’s eyes to be drawn to dark spots on their skin. It’s a very attainable dream to have a stunning beach body. It’s fun and daring to wear a tiny bikini. Why risk ruining that type of ensemble with certain “shadows” on key areas of the body? Intimate area bleaching is a beauty step that ensures your freedom to wear what you want all summer long.

Why is Skin Around Intimate Areas Such a Problem?

Intimate areas are usually covered continually by a layer, or several layers, of clothing year round. They are also in constant close contact with other areas of the body. Heat, close contact, and rubbing against clothing layers cause these areas of skin to darken over time. 

These particular areas are also less likely than others to be exposed to environmental elements. As a result, a concentration of melanin, the primary human skin tone factor, forms. This results in a darker area than the surrounding skin. Though this is completely natural, it tends to disrupt the efforts of people who want completely even skin tones. These areas can be taken care of well, but will still darken.

Age and wear are also factors that contribute to darkened intimate areas. Older skin is usually less elastic. Things like childbirth, shifts in weight, and nutritional changes leave their marks. Loosened skin is generally darker, as is skin that has weathered many types of environmental changes.

While all of this may sound daunting, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Though darkening happens, it is not irreversible! Intimate skin bleaching is a healthy way to restore the look of smoother, more pristine skin color patterns.

What Does Intimate Bleaching Entail?

Changing the hue of skin in intimate areas is incredibly simple. It can be part of a regular spa beauty treatment or given as a specialized part of a new beautification plan. Most modern intimate area lightening procedures are easy, though they require allowing a professional to apply products to sensitive areas of the body. 

In order to bleach intimate areas, several compounds of botanicals and other acids must be applied. In the past, chemicals were the preferred substances for bleaching, but modern beauty science provides less abrasive treatments. In some cases, simple fruit extracts are sufficient for lightening an intimate area of skin. Only three to six treatments are routinely administered for complete rejuvenation of intimate skin areas.

With every bleaching application, a thorough cleaning is required. This cleaning removes biological materials and dead skin cells that are contributing to a darkening effect. Moisturizing is also important. Every lightening application requires a waiting period for natural bleaching compounds to work. During this period, it is common that people undergo other Novoeplle Med Spa treatments like massages, pedicures, hot rock therapies, and skin peels. 

Really, an intimate area bleaching is so easy. The only difference from other spa treatments is attention paid to areas of the body not normally addressed. The results, however, are overwhelming. After a few bleaching treatments, there is little difference in color and appearance between intimate areas and more exposed areas of the body. Full confidence is owned when a person knows that every inch of their body is even-toned. 

If the discoloration of certain private areas of your body is not allowing you to take full advantage of the summer season, a bleaching regimen could be the answer. This treatment is extremely popular, and it is an extremely powerful way of getting the perfect summer body. Having a flawless skin tone is essential to looking your best in a swimsuit, or revealing other body areas when the time is right!


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