Cool Sculpting

Novo Lipo vs. the Competition

New fat-cell shrinking technology hits the market all the time, especially nonsurgical methods. Most people would rather not go under the knife, understandably so. Enter: body contouring. These cosmetic fat-cell shrinking procedure melt away fat so you can be slimmer and sleeker.

Novo Lipo is one of the most effective methods for body contouring approved by the FDA. Also called ultrasonic cavitation, Novo Lipo provides safe, effective fat removal.

What Makes Novo Lipo Better than the Competition?

The primary difference between Novo Lipo and other body contouring options on the market is how it removes fat. This method uses ultrasonic waves to transform fat cells into fatty acids, which are then expelled through the lymphatic system as waste. Surgical liposuction, by contrast, removes fat cells, while Novo Lipo empties out the fat cells.

Patients who are looking for the following may choose Novo Lipo over other body contouring options:

  • More areas can be treated: While both fat freezing and ultrasonic cavitation are FDA-approved, fat freezing services are only FDA-approved for 5 treatment areas, whereas Novo Lipo is effective in many more areas.
  • Faster results: Novo Lipo works almost right away, whereas fat freezing often has a delay of several weeks to get optimal results. By contrast, most patients lose one inch per treatment session with NovoLipo!
  • Lower cost: The unfortunate truth is many people looking to lose a few inches pay thousands of dollars on techniques such as fat freezing, only to see no results. Novo Lipo is significantly more affordable than fat freezing, and there are even treatment-bundling cost savings.
  • Minimal discomfort: Surgical body contouring involves a lot of downtime for healing, and results are not immediately apparent, as there is often significant swelling. With NovoLipo, there is no scarring, swelling, or bruising.

Is Novo Lipo Right for Me?

You should seek advice from an experienced medical practitioner to determine which body contouring procedure is best for your needs. Novo Lipo is the best alternative to surgical liposuction for many patients looking for a slimmer figure who haven’t seen satisfactory results from a healthy diet or exercise. You’ll see real, measurable results from NovoLipo. We will take your body measurements so you’ll see how effective treatment is, or you’ll probably be able to tell simply by taking a look in the mirror!

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