woman in bathrobe looking at her face in mirror

Get the Most Out of Your Facial

Everyone should take some time out to relax every so often. It is easy to let the stress of a long work-week get to you, and that stress can bring with it a number of health issues; as stress builds so do the health problems associated with it. This is why you should consider visiting a spa every so often; even something as simple as a facial can be a great way to relieve some stress. Given how necessary a facial can be to your health it can be well worth taking some time to get the maximum effect out of the facial; there are some simple ways to get the most out of a facial and really help you relax.

A facial is more than merely going in and having the face exfoliated. If it is done correctly, there is an entire process. The idea is to not merely make you look better but to help relieve stress. Thus, it is well worth doing what it takes to enhance that anti-aging effect by making it into a thorough ritual. With that in mind, it can only help to prepare for the facial well before you even appear at the spa. 

What to Do Before a Facial

The first step should be to determine what kind of skin you have in order to facilitate the cleaning; different types of skin require entirely different approaches. Knowing what kind of skin you have will make the aesthetician’s job that much easier.

You should start getting ready with a thorough washing of your face. This is an ideal time to take a long, hot bath and enjoy the steam; the steam can only help the cleansing. Take your time and enjoy it, but remember that you will be exfoliating later on. Do not put on makeup and do not wax or shave. Because you will be taking off a layer of skin in order to provide the best possible cleansing of that skin, you should avoid anything that may irritate it or cause any sort of blotching or blemishing before the facial. This means that you should also avoid the sun after you have finished washing your face.

The steam of your shower can help loosen the skin, but the cleaning is extremely important by itself. Not only does it remove any excess facial oils, but it also removes any traces of makeup, which mix with whatever the aesthetician uses and cause potential clumping later on. It also provides a great way to start getting into the relaxed mood required for the facial and can help reduce stress in and of itself. When you arrive for your appointment just relax and let the aesthetician do what she does.

Post-Facial Instructions

It is after the facial that the work really begins. You need to remember to baby your skin for at least a few days after the appointment. Your skin is not just smoother, but it is also more delicate. It will need a few days to regain some of its protective features. This means that you should limit the makeup you put on, as well as exposure to the sun or other harsh lighting. You should also be scheduling your next appointment as soon as possible; the facial is something that you need to enjoy on a regular basis in order to obtain the best possible long-term anti-aging benefits from the facial. Each facial will not only remove old skin, but also help you relax more and thus remove some of the effects stress has had on your body.

Want to destress & get the most out of your facial? Schedule an appointment with one of our skincare experts. Once scheduled, you will be given a reminder of the pre-facial care as well as what you need to do after. No one deserves to lead a stressful life, especially considering that it can have any number of different effects. Call us now so that we can help remove the effects of stress from your life, and show you new levels of relaxation.