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3 Laser Hair Removal Facts

The use of lasers in the medical field has risen in popularity for a number of reasons. Professionals in medicine have figured out how to safely use lasers to perform non-invasive surgeries, heal, recurring blisters and prevent the re-growth of unwanted hair. Novopelle Med Spa is among those who perform the Laser hair removal McKinney TX procedure — and others.

Here are three laser hair removal facts you want to know about:

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal was first approved for mainstream use in 1995. Before its release, it was tested for about 20 years. The process seeks to reduce the growth of hair by using laser pulses to destroy the hair follicles. The amount of hair a patient currently grows will determine the strength of the laser the technician must use. Since the laser must be able to detect the hair follicle, this treatment sees most success when used on dark and coarse hair.

What Are the Benefits?

Preventing the growth of unwanted hair is the ultimate benefit that laser hair removal provides. Patients have also found that opting for this hair removal process leads to little or no ingrown hairs. When you shave or wax, there is always the possibility for ingrown hairs because you are not always removing hair from the follicle. Shaving simply cuts off the hair where it is visible, and waxing can lead to irritation due to the pores being exposed.

Is There Any Maintenance?

A successful laser hair removal procedure will require up to six sessions. Some patients report positive results after three sessions. Despite the success, continue your sessions for best results. Then, your technician will recommend returning for a maintenance session once a year because, after some time, the follicle could regrow.

Preventing the growth of unwanted hair is possible. Let Novopelle Med Spa help transform your skin. Visit novopellemedspa.com and schedule a free consultation today!