How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Most Common Causes of Stretch Marks

Like the name would suggest, stretch marks form when the skin is pulled or stretched by rapid growth or rapid shrinking. Some of the most common cause of stretch marks are:

  • Growth spurts
  • Rapid weight loss or weight gain
  • Rapid muscle growth
  • Pregnancy

Stretch marks look like small bands on the skin, and when they appear, the first thing we wonder is how we can get rid of them. Some warning signs that indicate a stretch mark might be appearing soon are thinness and pinkness of the skin, or it might feel irritated and itchy. Since a stretch mark is a type of scar, many of the methods we use to get rid of scars can also be applied to stretch marks. In order for a scar to form new skin tissue, new cells need to form, and cells are best able to grow when they are in moist conditions.

If you are pregnant, working out frequently, or are in a circumstance where you know your body will be changing rapidly, there are some steps you can take to prevent scars from forming in the first place. For example, drinking enough water will help your skin stay hydrated and soft, which will help prevent scar formation. You can also consume certain nutrients like vitamin-C-rich foods that help keep your skin toned and help you avoid stretch marks. However, one of the most important steps you can take to prevent the dry skin conditions that lead to scars and stretch marks is to moisturize. Some methods you can use to moisturize and reduce stretch marks are:

  • Aloe vera

Aloe vera is well-known for its ability to regenerate and heal skin tissue. Aloe vera increases collagen production in the body and boosts collagen cross-linking, and collagen is necessary to heal scars and wounds.

  • Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is extracted from roasted cacao beans. It can help reduce the appearance of scars and improve the appearance of uneven skin tone. Cocoa butter also contains natural healing properties that work as an oil-based moisturizer. It is made up of a natural plant compound called phytochemicals that improve blood flow to the skin and slow the aging process, while also reducing scars.

  • Egg whites

Applying egg whites to your skin might sound odd, but it is powerful in reducing the appearance of scars. Because egg whites are rich in amino acids and proteins, they help free your skin from hyperpigmentation and scars.

  • Lemon juice

This is another unconventional but effective method. Lemon juice is high in vitamin C and citric acid, which is why it can help brighten dark spots like scars over time. It is important to use caution when implementing this method because lemon juice can lead to skin irritation when applied topically. It is better to soak a cotton ball in the juice of a lemon and then apply it to the skin rather than applying it directly.

  • Sugar

We are always told that sugar is the enemy, but one area where sugar is our friend is in healing scars. Sugar contains exfoliating properties that, when applied as a scrub, helps reduce the appearance of scars, dark spots, and uneven skin tone.

  • Olive oil

The vitamins and other antioxidants in olive oil helps skin cells regenerate, which lessens the intensity of scars. Not only that, when you apply olive oil to the skin, it blocks about 20% of the sun’s toxic ultraviolet rays by boosting the skin’s sun-blocking proteins. This is important because sun exposure can darken scars permanently and make them more obvious.

  • Argan oil

Argan oil is made from kernels of argan trees in Morocco, and has long been used for its healing properties. This powerful oil is packed with Vitamin E, antioxidants, and fatty acids. All of these are nutrients that nourish the skin and repair damage such as scarring. Argan oil is a great moisturizer to add to your daily routine, and its regenerative qualities can help prevent stretch marks and fade existing marks.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric is all the rage amongst health fanatics who love to spice up their frittatas with the plant. One lesser-known benefit of turmeric is that when applied topically, it can help reduce the appearance of scars. This is due to its anti-inflammatory qualities.

Med Spa Remedies for Stretch Marks

If you are worried about the appearance of stretch marks, we can provide you with a range of options at Novopelle Med Spa, including:

Laser treatment for scars reduces the appearance of scars by using focused light therapy to remove the upper layer of the skin, encouraging the skin to produce new skin cells to cover damaged skin cells. In some ways, laser treatment actually creates a new scar where an old scar was, but the new skin is more even and refreshed.

Micro-needling is one of the hottest skin rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments on the market. For these procedures, we puncture the skin with small micro-needles to promote the production of collagen and elastin. When the skin finishes its healing process, it leaves behind improved texture, reduction in scars, pore size, and reduced appearance of stretch marks. This is because micro-needling helps restart the natural production of collagen and helps heal damaged connective tissue that creates stretch marks in the dermis that creates the stretch mark. Micro-needling is also beneficial for stretch marks in the sense that it reaches a deep layer of the skin that encourages a reaction where the stretch marks exist.

Plasma ION non-surgical lifts are designed to tighten and lift the skin, shrink excess skin, crow’s feet, eye bags, and wrinkles. Overall, patients who seek plasma ION non-surgical lifts are trying to improve the appearance of their skin, so those who are having trouble with stretch marks tend to stumble upon it. It works by ionizing the gas particles in the air to form plasma. This safely destroys the top layer of the skin, and it can treat areas of concern like stretch marks without damaging the surrounding tissues.

If you are struggling with stretch marks, Novopelle Med Spa has the treatments for you. Call us today at (888) 429-7055 or contact us online.