What Is the Best Laser Skin Tightening for Your Face?

How to Tighten and Smooth Skin

Non-surgical skin tightening with lasers works by targeting energy in the layers of the skin that stimulate collagen and elastic production to improve texture and tone. It is a minimally invasive, non-surgical process that uses a laser to tighten the skin by heating the collagen underneath the surface. Some of the benefits of laser skin tightening for the face include:

  • Facial tightening gives patients the opportunity to free their skin from unwanted wrinkles and fine lines. If you have been looking for a healthier looking complexion, facial tightening might be right for you.
  • Facial tightening is usually evident right after treatment, and it requires no downtime. Patients love the immediate gratification, so the treatments are becoming more and more popular.
  • Because there are no incisions involved, patients need little to no downtime, so they are able to

return to their normal routines right away.

  • Laser skin tightening is a safer alternative to surgery. Although many cosmetic surgeries are quite safe, laser skin tightening is far safer as far as risks go.

Although there are many brands of laser treatments, they all target the upper layers of damaged skin with accuracy and precision. Furthermore, each type of laser treatment falls under one of three major categories:

  • Radiofrequency

Increasing collagen growth is all the rage in the skincare world. If collagen is your magic word, radiofrequency might be right for you. Radiofrequency works to increase collagen production by heating the skin at a superficial level. Most patients require two to six treatments with this form of skin tightening.

  • Ultrasound

If you are looking for an ultimate face lift, the ultrasound method might be right for you. This method uses ultrasound energy to heat the skin at a deep depth. By doing this, the specialist is able to target the exact problem area. While patients will see immediate improvement, experiencing full results takes a bit of patience. The complete results will typically be visible around three months post-procedure.

  • Radiofrequency microneedling

Microneedling is quite the buzzword among the spa community, but radiofrequency microneedling is completely different from the popular skincare procedure. Radiofrequency microneedling works by creating small holes in the epidermis and radiating radiofrequency to tighten the layers. This form of treatment typically requires three to four sessions.

How to Prepare for Laser Skin Tightening

When you come to your scheduled appointment, we will work to gain an understanding of your personal goals. You can communicate to us the skin goals you would like to accomplish and we will talk you through the best options. Once we have determined the best treatment route for you, you can begin to prepare for your laser skin treatment. Nobody wants to walk into a treatment feeling unprepared or apprehensive. We will give you a run-down of what to expect so that you can spend less time worrying about the process and more time excited about your results. Some of the basic recommendations we might suggest before the appointment include:

  • It is useful to shave the treatment area before the appointment, especially if there is excessive hair. When there is an excess of hair in the area, it is more difficult for the specialist to see and treat the area with the most desirable level of precision.
  • If possible, do not expose the treatment area to the sun and do not go to the tanning bed for the two weeks before the procedure. We also recommend using sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or above leading up to the procedure.
  • Right before the appointment, it is best to be freshly showered, but avoid using scented products and fragrances.

What to Do After Facial Laser Treatment

Typically, after your face undergoes a laser skin tightening treatment, you will be able to return to your regular routine with little to no downtime. However, there are some self-care steps you can take to help improve levels of comfort and effectiveness. The treated area might be slightly red and swollen, and you might experience some slight stinging. Just like everyone’s skin is different, everyone’s recovery will be different. One recommendation might be to clean the area multiple times a day with saline or a diluted vinegar solution. Your specialist will walk you through the best treatment steps for your specific skin type. Your skin needs to heal after the treatment, and it is important to protect it. Just like you should avoid sunlight before the treatment, sunlight is also the enemy post-procedure. While these side effects should be minimal, the results should be quite impactful. After a skin tightening treatment, patients report fewer wrinkles, brown spots, a more even skin tone, amongst other improvements.

If you think laser skin tightening might be the treatment your face needs, or you are interested in learning about our other services, call us today at (888) 429-7055 or contact us online.