How Can You Lighten Your Intimate Area?

How Intimate Bleaching Treatments Work

When it comes to personal appearance and maintenance, everyone has their own preferences and ideas about what will help them feel their best. The intimate area is no different than any other body part in this way, and at Novopelle Med Spa, our goal is to help patients feel confident in their own skin.

Many patients find that they prefer the appearance of uniform, lighter skin in the intimate area rather than a skin tone that is more uneven in nature. That is why we offer intimate bleaching treatments at our spa, and the capabilities of these services extend beyond the genital areas. Other areas that can be treated include the underarms, elbows, knees, areolas. Each area requires a slightly different protocol during this treatment, but the goal is generally the same.

However, contrary to popular belief, this treatment does not use the standard “Clorox” type bleach that you might imagine when you think of bleach. That form of bleach is not safe to put on the skin, and we do not recommend attempting to bleach the intimate area at home in any way. These products contain active ingredients that lighten the skin of the area, similar to a whitening approach that is commonly used to lighten the color of food.

The products we use for intimate bleaching treatments prevent the production of melanin in new cells as they form. When old cells die off, they are replaced with new ones that contain less melanin, which will create the appearance of a lighter skin tone in the area. A series of three to six consecutive treatments is typically an ideal number to achieve the desired results, but the exact number of necessary treatments can vary from patient to patient.

Because the results are not permanent, some patients do this procedure frequently, while others opt to undergo it only for special occasions. Daily activities like walking, running, and sweating create friction, which increase skin pigmentation. Therefore, patients who want long-term results will have to continue undergoing treatments periodically, usually about every six months. Although this procedure works for all skin tones, the results will vary based on skin tone, so it might take more treatments to obtain the results you desire depending on your current skin tone.

Why Is Intimate Bleaching So Popular?

Both men and women can benefit from the power of intimate bleaching. The skin in intimate areas is generally patchier than the rest of the skin. This difference in skin tone can be natural, or it can result from friction, hormonal changes, and excess pigment. On a basic level, intimate bleaching enhances the aesthetic appeal of the skin in that area to many patients. This allows patients to become more comfortable with their bodies. Intimate bleaching can also help keep the area clean and dry, which will improve the overall feel of the area. It can be too easy to be self-critical of intimate areas, and this treatment can help patients address these insecurities and be their most confident selves.

Intimate bleaching is safe, but we will always discuss your body’s individual needs before determining that intimate bleaching is right for you. The process actually taps into the natural process of lightening the pigmentation of the skin, so it is a safe way to lighten the skin in an intimate area.

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