How Can I Get Glowy, Dewy Skin?

Say Hello to the Glow with These Simple Skincare Steps

The word “dewy” used to only be used when referring to grass, but nowadays, the “dewy” look is all the rage in the skincare community. A dewy finish utilizes the power of natural oils and humectants to reflect light and create a radiant appearance. Perhaps the reason that skincare lovers today are so drawn to the dew is because the moisturized effect is a sign of health, and many feel it makes their skin look more natural than a matte foundation. One of the keys to dewy skin is primer, which will help reduce clogged pores, fill fine lines, and make other makeup applications simpler. However, the best way to achieve the dewy look is to address the appearance of dry skin underneath. To do this, you can take the following steps:

  • Cleanse with a Vitamin C cleanser

Vitamin C is a beloved ingredient in the skincare routine of many. One of its most famous and powerful benefits is the fact that it has skin-brightening properties. Vitamin C can give patients a more even and bright complexion, helping them achieve a natural-looking glow. 

  • Tone

A facial toner is designed to shrink the appearance of pores and refresh the skin. It is common practice to tone the skin after cleansing it. Many toners are full of abundant skincare benefits, like smoothing and hydrating ingredients that will give you a more even skin tone and glowing skin. If you are thinking about cutting back on skincare products, do not take away the tone! 

  • Add niacinamide into your skincare routine

In many research studies, like this study conducted by the Research & Development Department at Procter & Gamble, niacinamide has decreased hyperpigmentation and increased skin lightness after four weeks. Those numbers speak for themselves, and anyone looking to achieve a glowing appearance would do well to look for this ingredient on their labels. 

  • Protect your skin with a barrier

If you have dry or flaky skin, it probably means you have a damaged moisture barrier. Your skin barrier is primarily composed of three lipids: ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids. If the barrier is damaged, your skin can easily become damaged as well, which leads to water loss, dehydration, and eventually irritated skin. To repair your skin’s moisture barrier, it is essential to replenish the skin and then protect it. Fatty acids, cholesterol, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid have been known to replenish the skin’s barrier.

  • Exfoliate

When you exfoliate, you are removing the dead layer of skin that lies on top to reveal a brighter, younger-looking complexion underneath. If you are trying to achieve the dewy look, exfoliation will be your new best friend. However, not all exfoliants are created equally. An exfoliant that uses a rich blend of organic botanicals like jojoba beads, aloe vera, and olive oil can replenish the skin and help remove free radicals.

  • Moisturize

This one might seem obvious, but choosing the right moisturizer can be more complicated than you might think. There are so many options on the market, and some of them contain harmful ingredients like parabens and phthalates. Staying away from these harmful chemicals and including ingredients like ceramides. Ceramides enhance the function of the skin barrier, which will preserve hydration and create a dewy appearance.

  • Give yourself facial massages

When you massage your face regularly and with a clean application, it can drain the face of puffiness and harmful toxins. This is due to the massage’s natural ability to bring blood cells and oxygen to the skin. The popular product known as ice rollers have a similar effect. If the skin is inflamed, an ice roller is a great way to restore it to a healthy condition. Ice rollers can also help shrink the size of your pores, assists with lymphatic drainage, and reduces redness.

  • Add serums to your routine

If you want to see hydration and a refreshed appearance to your skin, look no further than a quality serum. You can use different serums for different purposes and to achieve the effects you want. Some serums can be used to hydrate, while others can be used to brighten, exfoliate, and reduce aging.

  • Use a facial mist

Every time you do your makeup, you start with a fresh canvas. You never quite know how your work will turn out that day, but you know what products have worked in the past. You hope they will give you the confidence you need to rock that event, date, or wherever you might be headed. After you have finished perfecting your makeup look, a pre-party facial mist is a surefire way to give you the “glow” before you go. Facial mists are sort of like a topcoat for your makeup because they add a finishing touch to the look. Plus, some facial mists contain beneficial ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide.