6 Skincare Tips for Winter

Winter presents a variety of challenges to your skin regardless of skin type, including but not limited to cold weather, indoor heaters, extended hot showers, and rich meals. Without proper care, your skin may easily look dull. Taking a little extra time and effort for optimal skin has both short and long-term benefits. There are simple tips to prevent and/or limit irritation and dryness so your skin looks and feels great. Adapting your everyday regimen and seeking professional guidance can ensure you have the glow you want for the holiday season.

#1 Moisturize Frequently

Moisturizing your skin is a key practice to prevent and slow down the aging process. It also protects against dryness, inflammation, and itchiness. Overnight moisturizing treatment can be particularly effective for areas like hands, feet, elbows, knees, and lips. Rigorous handwashing is very important, including during the winter, but it can leave your hands dry and cracked, so using a good hand cream is a must.

#2 Keep Wearing Sunscreen

Sunscreen is not just for summer. Whether the day is sunny or gray, make sure to cover any exposed skin (face, neck, hands) with a moisturizing and broad-spectrum SPF of 15 or higher. Snow means that UV rays are reflected onto your skin at additional angles. Even on cloudy days, UV rays are still strong and can damage your skin. Regular, thorough sun protection minimizes the anti-aging process and helps with skin cancer prevention.

#3 Stay Hydrated

Between colder weather and indoor heating, making sure to drink enough water every day helps with your overall health, including maintaining healthy skin. Don’t hesitate to mix things up with warm teas for regular hydration. During the holiday festivities, you may also want to limit your alcohol consumption and drink lots of water to minimize its dehydrating effects. Alcohol can also increase certain skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Drinking alcohol in moderation also helps avoid losing quality sleep, which aids in good skin health and skin regeneration.

#4 Go Fragrance-Free

Choosing gentle and fragrance-free skin products can alleviate irritation and dryness risks. When switching your soaps and cleansers, you’ll want to look for products labeled “fragrance-free” rather than “unscented” as the latter may still use fragrances. You may want to limit how often you use skin products containing alcohol like toners and astringents because they are more likely to cause dry and itchy skin.

#5 Invest in Professional Skin Treatments

Winter is a great opportunity for a variety of professional skincare, like laser treatments that require us to be careful with sun exposure before and after. Choosing to get such procedures performed in the winter can help to minimize the risk of inflammation or hyperpigmentation during recovery. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your dermatologist or esthetician to discuss your options. Facials are also a good way to take care of your skin during the colder season. A monthly facial can stimulate skin cell growth and give you a lovely glow for the party season.

#6 Tweak Your Skincare Regimen Appropriately

Tweaking your skincare regimen for optimal skin health during the winter is a good thing, but you’ll want to be mindful not to overhaul all your beauty products. If you realize that a product causes unwanted skin reactions, you should switch it to a gentler and more moisturizing alternative. Your skin is already more sensitive, especially to dryness and itchiness, during the colder season, so introducing too many new products can cause more reactions. If you are unsure how to adjust your skincare regimen, getting in touch with a professional is always a good idea.

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