Are Chemical Peels Painful?

Chemical peels are sadly misunderstood, but they do wonders for your appearance by applying a solution to the skin that makes the upper layers peel off. Many would-be devotees of chemical peels are leery of the procedure because they’ve heard stories that having a chemical peel means you must go into hiding post-peel as your skin heals from the procedure. Not so. Although old school ablative peels had lengthy associated recovery times, those harsh treatments that produced unpleasant side effects are a thing of the past. Even deeper chemical peels have extremely short recovery periods, and you can go immediately back to your daily routine.

During your chemical peel appointment, your aesthetician will begin by cleansing your skin to prepare it for the peel solution. One or more chemicals will be applied to the skin, which may include different types of mild acidic solutions. You should feel a slight burning sensation for about 5 to 10 minutes followed by a stinging sensation, especially for the deeper peels. The solutions are then rinsed to neutralize the peel, and a cold compress may be applied. While light and medium peels are gentler and very effective, too, it typically takes longer to get the results you’re after and they need to be repeated about once a month until you and your aesthetician are satisfied with the outcome.

While it’s true that chemical peels cause light tingling and tightness as the upper layers of your skin slough off post-procedure, your aesthetician will make sure you aren’t experiencing pain during or after. You will need to pamper your skin for about a week afterwards to avoid irritation and discomfort on your newly resurfaced skin. For example, don’t go to the gym for 24 hours post-peel, drink plenty of water, and do not exfoliate your face for at least 48 hours. Make sure you are diligent about putting sunscreen on your face with an SPF of at least 30 (which you should do be doing every day, anyway). Sun exposure can irritate the skin. The deeper your peel, the more you will have to baby your skin.

Chemical peels are proven to be very safe and effective at treating acne, acne scars, photodamage, and melasma. Side effects are rare and usually fleeting, but can include skin discoloration, and for those who get cold sores, it can trigger an outbreak. If you do experience discomfort, make sure you communicate with your practitioner so they can address it and neutralize the peel sooner.

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