4 Sauna Benefits for Weight Loss

Are you curious how spending time in a sauna can support your health and weight loss? Whether you go to an aesthetic provider, train at a gym that includes access to a sauna or even have one at your home, the good news is that a sauna offers several benefits for weight loss. A sauna also supports your physical and mental health. The way it makes you sweat helps your body burn calories and impacts other natural processes that can lead to a slimmer silhouette.

#1 Eliminate Water Weight

Thanks to the high heat of the sauna, you will sweat and lose significant water weight in your body. Of course, much of this weight can return as you rehydrate once you leave the sauna. If you are looking to shed a couple of pounds quickly for a specific event, a sauna can make a noticeable difference.

If you are serious about losing weight, you need to make consistent other efforts to shed the excess pounds. However, the water weight loss at the sauna can be a good motivation and a regular occurrence in your regimen.

#2 Boost Your Metabolism

Your heart rate increases when you spend time in intense heat like at the sauna. This boosts your metabolism, which allows you to burn extra calories. Research estimates that spending 30 minutes in a sauna in a temperature around 150 degrees can up your metabolic capacity by about 20%. This metabolic change can also happen in very cold temperatures, and you may respond better to one more than to the other.

A sauna can increase your heart rate similarly to what a cardio workout would, and its effect can last for up to half an hour after you leave the sauna.

#3 Sweat Toxins Out

Another benefit of sweating while you are in the sauna, is that it detoxifies your body. Sweating can help you optimize your lymphatic system and flush out toxic substances, including heavy metals that you absorbed through certain foods or the environment.

When your body gets rid of toxins, your energy levels can increase, which is helpful to work out regularly, burn more calories, and lose weight.

#4 Reduce Stress

In addition to how spending time in a sauna can improve your body’s natural functions, this activity also helps you relax. Lowering your stress levels is important because cortisol, a stress hormone, can interfere with your weight loss efforts. Cortisol can elevate your blood pressure, cause food cravings, and disrupts your sleep.

Time in a sauna can have meditative-like qualities and it boosts the release of endorphins, the happy hormones that can improve and regulate your mood. Alleviating stress in the sauna carries on its benefits afterwards.

Less stress and improved mood can help your weight loss efforts by:

  • Boosting your motivation
  • Staying consistent
  • Increasing your sleep quality
  • Reducing junk food cravings
  • Needing less caffeine

Getting enough rest and being grounded can offer a more positive mindset, help you shed extra pounds, and be more physically active. Regular sauna sessions can play an active role in your stress management.

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