6 Reasons to Choose Non-Invasive Cosmetic Treatments

Are you looking for personalized and lasting cosmetic solutions to enhance your appearance but are not interested in or ready for plastic surgery? You have a wide range of non-invasive treatments that can help you reach your aesthetic goals.

Although non-surgical procedures cannot address every concern, they can take care of many common ones. While surgery results are permanent and may only need a follow-up procedure 10 or more years later, non-surgical alternatives do not create permanent results, but you can nevertheless enjoy your touched-up features for several months and even for more than a year with certain treatments.

Non-invasive cosmetic treatments also offer many benefits that make them practical and effective solutions to rejuvenate your looks for a confidence boost.

Popular non-surgical aesthetic procedures include:

Although many people associate non-surgical cosmetic solutions with facial rejuvenation, many options exist for non-invasive body contouring and specific body areas. Talk with a licensed provider today to discuss your goals and what treatments may help you achieve them.

#1 No Incision or Scarring

A key difference between surgery and its alternatives is that non-invasive cosmetic solutions do not involve incisions, stitches, or scarring. This can make the treatments more welcoming if you are unsure whether surgery is for you.

This also means that you do not have to worry about wearing compression garments as certain plastic surgeries require, and non-invasive treatments also have a much lower risk of complications.

#2: You Can Combine Treatments

Depending on your cosmetic goals, your provider may recommend more than one type of treatment. Many non-surgical options can be part of a personalized plan to get the results you are looking for. For example, if you choose to have a “liquid face lift,” your aesthetician may use different dermal fillers. Certain treatments such as Botox are also easy ways to get started with anti-aging solutions and expand from there according to your goals and your provider’s recommendations.

#3 Convenience

Many facial rejuvenation solutions that do not require surgery can happen over your lunch break or any other small time windows you may have in your busy schedule. Injections can only take 10 minutes and other treatments may take between 30 and 60 minutes.

If you plan to get multiple treatments during one session or get several body areas treated, you may spend a couple of hours at your provider’s office. They will let you know in advance how long the procedures should take, and they may recommend doing them in multiple sessions depending on your specific situation.

#4 Minimal or No Downtime

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments do not involve a hospital stay and most of them require no downtime at all, which lets you go back to your normal activities right after leaving your aesthetician’s office. Some treatments may have specific aftercare instructions for a week or so, like applying sunscreen every day or only using part of your standard skin care products.

Contrary to plastic surgery aftercare, you can drive yourself back to your office or home after your appointment and you do not need to plan for help for the following days or weeks.

#5 Fewer Potential Side Effects

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments have fewer possible side effects than surgery. Your provider will have also made sure that you were a good candidate before receiving your treatment. If you have a contraindication for a specific solution, they can suggest alternatives, which is usually easy to do given the wide selection of aesthetic treatments available.

You may experience certain side effects like minor swelling, peeling, redness, bruising, or pain, in the targeted area for a few hours or days depending on the treatment you received. Those usually go away on their own quickly and you may not even have any.

#6 You Can Experiment Before Pursuing Plastic Surgery

If you are considering plastic surgery but do not want to commit to the investment or the permanent results yet, non-invasive aesthetic treatments are a helpful option to experiment with. This can help you explore how you want to enhance your physical features.

While working with a licensed and qualified aesthetician or dermatologist, you may discover that you want to address fewer or more aspects of your looks for a lasting confidence boost. Consulting a professional who takes into account both your needs and goals can make a positive difference in refreshing your appearance for natural-looking results.

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