5 Benefits of Regular Professional Skincare

People may consider professional skincare a “luxury,” but seeing a dermatologist or esthetician has an important impact on your skin and health. Skin is your largest organ, so seeking professional care for it isn’t that different from going to other doctors for a regular checkup and receiving individualized treatment. Your skin is also the organ that grows and regenerates the fastest, and its seven layers serve different purposes, including temperature regulation and general protection against the environment.

Skincare professionals have significant training and experience that goes beyond whatever research you can do on your own when trying to figure out what products are appropriate to nourish your skin. Of course, healthier skin also has the effect of looking and feeling radiant, which is a great perk!

#1 Get a Proper Diagnosis

You likely have a general idea of your skin type and what you’re supposed to do according to your age. There’s still a lot of trial and error when figuring out what your skincare regimen should be. Even great salespeople can’t help you as well as a dermatologist or esthetician can, simply because they don’t have the same education. They may also only see you when you have makeup on, which can prevent them from correctly identifying your skin type.

During your first consultation, your skincare provider will perform a thorough examination of your skin after cleansing it, review your medical history, and ask about your lifestyle to get the most detailed picture of your needs. They will use this information to diagnose your skincare concerns and create a custom treatment plan to improve and maintain your skin. This influences not only the services you receive at their office, but what products they recommend using at home to maximize your results.

#2 Preventative Care

Dermatologists and estheticians can tailor solutions to your skin needs for a healthy and even complexion. Once they know what they need to address, they can not only treat any current concern, but they can also prevent specific conditions. They have anti-aging in mind, so they can help reduce and slow the development of wrinkles and creases. These professionals also know how to boost your body’s natural production of collagen, which helps your skin keep its elasticity and tightness.

Working with a skincare professional makes it easy for you to ask any questions you may have. Your appointments are learning opportunities where your provider can share techniques and tips to optimize how you care for your skin daily. Prevention has long-term effects that will minimize the number of treatments you may require in the future.

#3 Address Concerns Right Away

Visiting your dermatologist or esthetician regularly allows them to spot any skin issue early on. Thanks to that, you can get timely and effective treatment. This can limit future development and help your skin heal quicker. By cleaning dead skin cells, excess oil, or any other debris, professional solutions can reduce not only emerging symptoms such as redness and enlarged pores but also help in the long run. When tackling early signs of aging, this can significantly slow down the aging process as well when your first wrinkles and lines appear. As your skin changes, your provider will also help you tweak your at-home skincare and recommend products to specifically target the new situation.

#4 No At-Home Equivalents

Although your provider will recommend appropriate products to use on your own, following your daily regimen is not enough to keep your skin smooth and free of blemishes. Dermatologists and estheticians use a variety of treatments that don’t have at-home equivalents. For example, professional exfoliation comes in many types, such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion, and has significantly greater results than any over-the-counter options. Their solutions can be high-tech and use advanced equipment that requires training to operate it.

#5 Reduce Your Stress

While your esthetician performs a variety of individualized treatments to improve your skin, you get to relax and use this time for yourself. Getting a break from your busy schedule can alleviate your stress levels, which in turn can improve your health. Less stress can help protect your skin from extra breakouts and frown lines. Your skin can easily reflect how you feel, and visiting your skincare provider allows both physical and mental health benefits.

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