How to Plan Your Pre-Wedding Beauty Timeline

Congratulations, you are engaged! You are now planning all the big and small details that will make your wedding unforgettable. Choosing your outfit and accessories is only one part of how gorgeous you will look on your big day. Being intentional about the professional skin care and beauty treatments you schedule to look and feel your best at your wedding is important and will help avoid last-minute worries. Planning early and booking specific appointments throughout the year leading to your special day can make a world of difference so you can confidently walk down the aisle and look fantastic in your pictures.

Pampering yourself and taking extra steps to achieve your bridal glow can also help minimize your stress during the planning period and boost your confidence. These can be pockets of time where you get to relax and take care of yourself.

8-12 Months Before

Scheduling an appointment with a board-certified dermatologist is a wonderful place to start. They will perform a thorough evaluation of your skin and discuss your concerns and goals. This helps determine what types of aesthetic solutions are appropriate for you and when to get them for optimal results in the upcoming months, whether you opt for microneedling or chemical peels. If you are experiencing certain skin conditions such as acne, treatment can take up to six months to achieve complete results.

They may also help you figure out supplements, medications, or treatments if you have concerns about the health of your hair. Similarly, you can address nail concerns with them in case you need supplements for stronger nails.

Your dermatologist can also review your current at-home skin care regimen and recommend specific products for your skin’s specific needs. Your daily skin care routine is important for healthy skin, and with your upcoming nuptials, you want to consistently follow it every day. Make sure to always wear sunscreen no matter the season!

Are you interested in body contouring treatments? Find a trusted and board-certified provider, possibly through your dermatologist, and book a consultation with them too. Cosmetic treatments can require multiple sessions and a few weeks of recovery to achieve maximal results, so starting early is important!

If you are considering a dramatic hair change for your wedding, consult your hairstylist early on. Trying out new things many months before the ceremony lets you know whether the results are what you are hoping for, or if you need to re-evaluate a hairstyle or color. Your stylist can also figure out how many visits you require to ensure lush and healthy hair for your wedding. Don’t forget to review the hair products you use at home and implement those that your stylist recommends.

Scheduling laser hair removal months ahead is a must because you usually need four to six weeks between each session, for a total of up to six appointments. You should generally opt for professional hair removal, even if you are not interested in a laser and permanent solution. Booking your first waxing appointments early can help regulate your body hair’s growth cycles and make hair removal maintenance easier as you get closer to your wedding.

Is tanning part of your bridal beauty goals? Look at your options, whether seeing a professional or self-tanning, and start experimenting with them to find the one that works for you. This helps ensure you get the desired results on your special day.

Are you planning to work with a makeup artist for your bridal look? Find and connect with one as early as you can since their schedules can fill up pretty quickly. Don’t forget to schedule your wedding makeup trial! You usually book it for between one to three months before your ceremony. This gives you lots of time to find inspiration. You may want to find a quality nail salon to discuss your nails ideas for the wedding too. Ask the salon if they offer bridal packages.

6 Months Before

If you are planning chemical peels or laser treatments for your skin, now is a good time to get them. This gives lots of recovery time to your skin. Continue to wear sunscreen and be consistent with your daily skin care.

At this point, your hairstylist and you should have settled on the color and tonality, and you should have your maintenance appointments scheduled. If you are planning semi-permanent hair extensions, you should get them around this time. In the case of temporary extensions, you can benefit from a trial run now to make sure that you enjoy their look and feel.

Are you considering teeth whitening? Now is a great time to book a dentist appointment to discuss your at-home options or possible in-office treatments. They can also help you adjust your at-home oral hygiene routine so you can enjoy a dazzling smile on your big day.

So, you are debating between a couple of makeup styles for your wedding. You may decide to get an additional makeup trial early. This additional expense can help you figure things out and give you peace of mind. If you would prefer to wait until the one appointment you have a few months from now, you can try looks by yourself at home, which gives you extra information to share with your makeup artist later.

1-3 Months Before

With only a few weeks to go before your wedding, it’s a good time to:

  • Finish up any laser or dental treatment
  • Get Botox injections if you would like any
  • Avoid any treatment that could irritate your skin
  • Schedule a professional brow-grooming appointment
  • Finalize your hair accessories before your makeup trial
  • Decide on your tanning option

When you meet your makeup artist for your trial, make sure to show up with a makeup-free and clean face. Bring any inspiration pictures you have. Let your professional know about any relevant details. Communication is key to getting the look you want!

Are you doing your own makeup for the rehearsal dinner or any other pre-wedding gatherings? Take time to practice now. Any preparation that alleviates your stress is a good thing!

Two Weeks Before

If you would like to get a professional facial before your wedding, getting a soothing one now is an effective way to maximize your glow. Otherwise, stick to your at-home skin care regiment. You don’t want to try any new products to prevent adverse reactions. Your dermatologist may recommend skipping certain steps if the products contain retinol, vitamin C, or other exfoliants. Consider letting your skin breathe and choosing not to wear makeup until your wedding.

Last-week treatments and appointments can include:

  • 7 days before: Trim, color-enhancing gloss, root touch-up
  • 5 days before: Final waxing
  • 2 days before: Wedding nails, spray tan or self-tanning

The Night Before

A few simple steps the night before your wedding can go a long way:

  • Gather any makeup or skin products that you may need for touch-ups on your wedding day.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol to preserve your skin.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep you and your skin hydrated!
  • Get eight hours of sleep

The Morning of the Wedding

On the morning of your big day, prioritize a nutritious and balanced breakfast. This way, you avoid an upset stomach, and you have lots of energy for the wedding!

Get your hair and makeup done two to three hours before the beginning of the ceremony, so you can relax while getting ready. Wear a zipped or button-down shirt, or opt for a comfortable robe, so you won’t risk disturbing your makeup or hairstyle once you change into your wedding outfit.

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