Things You Should Know Before Going For Laser Hair Removal In Dallas

There are several laser-related treatments that can help you to get rid of hair permanently. The energies generated by lasers come in the form of heat. The generated heat is absorbed by the follicle and hair pigment, and this destroys them. Another option for achieving a similar result is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). Intense Pulsed Light generates broad light spectrums that are absorbed by dark targets.

Hence, the IPL is attracted to dark hairs. This doesn’t really work well for people with dark skin. IPL works best for people with dark hair and light skin. Intense Pulsed Light is old technology, but it is still somewhat effective.

This means if you have dark skin or a blonde or light hair, then you need laser hair removal in Dallas, as IPL will not work for you. With more advanced lasers, even individuals with darker skin or lighter hair can get better and improved results from laser hair removal in Dallas.

All you have to do is to do your homework very well and ensure that the removal center you are considering has the right equipment for your kind of skin and hair. Some centers only have one, perhaps two devices, you shouldn’t even waste your time consulting with such centers. Here are some of the things you should know before going for laser hair removal in Dallas.

The Process Is Not As Painful As You Think

Laser removal process is not as painful as you’d think, the process is entirely tolerable. The process is very quick, and you will experience no pain at all. But after the treatment, you might feel a little itchiness, redness, and warm sensation. But this side effects will leave in thirty minutes to two hours after the process. If you are still scared of the process, some laser hair removal service providers have a device they can use to cool your skin before and after the process.

Do Not Follow Your Regular Skin Care Routine

On the day of your appointment, you need to skip your regular skincare routine. You need to leave your makeup, sunscreen, and lotions in your drawer. These products can react with the laser and result in discoloration.

If you want a very smooth and clean skin with no discoloration on it, then you need to avoid those products at least a day before your appointment. If you use facial creams such as Retin-A, it is recommended you stop using it three to four weeks prior to your treatment. This will help you to achieve a more positive result.

Shave a Day Or Two Prior to Your Appointment

You should avoid waxing as it pulls off the root of the hair that the laser would target, this will render your treatment useless. But if you have very long hairs that stick out above the surface of your skin, you need to shave it a little. Those long hairs can absorb and distract laser energy, and it will be wasted in the wrong place. So you need to apply a light shave on the area two days to your appointment.


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