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While it is crucial to stick to a healthy diet and follow an exercise regimen that works for you, we know these steps don’t always lead you to the body you want. Surgery isn’t always the best option for everyone either, and it can mean lengthy recovery times. That’s why we offer Novo Sculpt, a unique, FDA-approved, revolutionary body sculpting procedure, to our patients in Addison. Novo Sculpt works to lift and tone without surgery, making it a totally noninvasive process.

Plus, Novo Sculpt helps to build muscle and reduce unwanted fat, so this is one treatment that serves as a double threat. This machine works by encouraging your body to engage in muscular contractions. It does this through electrical impulse generators that are connected to electrodes and placed on the skin around the muscle. These generators send small electrical impulses, leading to contractions that have a wide variety of benefits for the body.

Benefits of a Novo Sculpt Treatment in Addison

  • Metabolism boost: Novo Sculpt remodels the muscular structure and boost the metabolism. As our electromagnetic muscle machine tones and strengthens your muscles, the muscle mass you build will also result in a metabolism increase. This means you will be able to burn excess fat at a much faster rate.
  • Fat reduction: Electromagnetic muscle stimulators have been linked to significant decrease in waist circumference, abdominal obesity, subcutaneous fat mass, and body fat percentage. This is not only important to maintain a fit physique. Maintaining a healthy weight is essential for cardiovascular health. This is because for every pound of fat you carry, the body creates around a mile of capillaries and extra blood vessels to carry nutrients and cellular waste products way from the cells. If you are 20 pounds overweight, your body has to work through 20 extra miles of blood vessels. All this extra work puts stress on the heart and blood vessels.
  • Aiding in recovery and prevention of injury: Because Novo Sculpt strengthens the muscle tissue, it can help patients heal from their injuries and can be used as a secondary form of physical therapy. When an injury occurs in an area of the body, that area becomes weak. Not only is it affected by that injury, but it is vulnerable to being injured even more in the future. When you strengthen the muscles in the area, you provide the support your body needs to prevent this from occurring.
  • Quick process: A typical session of Novo Sculpt lasts about 30 minutes. Having the treatment performed on multiple body parts will require multiple sessions. Your sessions should be spaced out somewhere between two days to two weeks apart at your convenience. There is no recovery time needed after these sessions, so you are free to continue about your day as usual. This makes Novo Sculpt a great option for patients with busy schedules who want to be proactive about building muscle and caring for their overall health.

To learn more about Novo Sculpt treatments in Addison, call Novopelle Med Spa at (888) 429-7055 or contact us online.

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